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Described the new Sphinx documentation in NEWS.
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 The average time for a secure comparison was reduced by 60-70%.
 Comparisons now work with an actively secure multiplication protocol.
-A memory leak was fixed.
+A memory leak was fixed. Converted documentation to new Sphinx format.
 * A new prss_lsb function in viff.prss efficiently produces a share of
   a random field element together with a GF256 share of its least
@@ -33,6 +33,10 @@
   memory leak which is now fixed. An example application,,
   was added to test this and similar problems.
+* The documentation is now generated using Sphinx and aims to be more
+  like a manual than purely an API documentation. The extended section
+  on program counters is an example of this.
 * Fixed a bug that made 'GF256(1) != GF256(1)' return 'True'.
 * Calling '~GF256(255)' would throw a KeyError, fixed.