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 2) Install Twisted from source ( Notice
    again that Mac OS X comes with a pre-installed version of Twisted,
    but this is not the full Twisted installation. After installation
-   change your PYTHONPATH (in your ./.bash_profile) to
+   change your ``PYTHONPATH`` (in your ``~/.bash_profile``) to
    .. sourcecode:: sh
@@ -64,13 +64,13 @@
 4) Install ConfigObj (
 5) Install `GMPY from Google`_ following the instructions in
-   gmpy-1.02.macosx.README.txt (under Downloads)
+   ``gmpy-1.02.macosx.README.txt`` (under Downloads)
 6) Install viff from source (see below). If you prefer you can just
    install it in site-packages, it makes no difference. For
    developers, it is perhaps a better solution in to create a symbolic
    link from the site-packages directory to the viff python files
-   (viff/viff/), as otherwise you need to re-install viff each time
+   (``viff/viff/``), as otherwise you need to re-install viff each time
    the project is modified.
 .. _MacPython: