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 \section{Usage scenario}
 %TODO: rewrite for eclipse interaction.
-The programmer will first write his program in PySMCL 
+The programmer will first write his program in PySMCL using the Eclipse plugin,
 specifying a desired computation as described above.
 PySMCL is designed to offer high level constructs
 specialized for the MPC domain. Special sections of a PySMCL program will allow
 high-level MPC primitives to be expressed directly, without considering low-level
 VIFF or MPC  protocol details. 
-One then runs the PySMCL preprocessor, which  will perform static
+Eclipse constantly runs the PySMCL preprocessor, which performs static
 analysis of these special sections, tracking the flow of secret values, and
 generating warnings for programmers if information is unintentionally revealed.
 If the analysis finds potential security problems,