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 disclose no information at all, any composition of them will have the same
+Whenever $\pi_P$ outputs information, this information is coming from
+an \KWD{output} statement (because $\pi_P$ is composed of UC-secure
+primitives releasing no information at all).
+A simulator for $\pi_P$ with access to $F_P$ works as follows: it runs
+$F_P$, that will output only the information marked as \KWD{result} in
+the program $P$. The simulator records this, and to simulate the
+transcript of $\pi_P$ it uses the algorithm (that was proved to exist
+by the user as a fulfillment of the proof burden) for deriving a value
+indistinguishable from the \KWD{output} from the \KWD{result}.
 In VIFF there exists several different runtimes with different
 security and performance characteristics with respect to correctness,
 passive/active security, termination etc. The implemented protocol