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 course may reveal information on the inputs supplied by the
 parties. But since this was the purpose of doing the computation in
 the first place, this is not a security breach. What we are concerned
-about is whether we reveal {\em more}\/information than necessary. As
+about is whether we reveal {\em more}\/ information than necessary. As
 an example, consider two parties $A,B$ who each have a private natural
 number as input $n_A, n_B$, respectively.  Suppose they want to
 compare $n_A$, $n_B$ securely. This means the output is one bit that
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 players, without releasing more information than the trusted party
 would have done.
 \section{Usage scenario}
 %TODO: rewrite for eclipse interaction.
 The programmer will first write his program in PySMCL using the