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 your PySMCL compiler, e.g. the folder that was created when you
 issued the hg command above.
+Development install
+Might be preferable for trying things out. you can symlink the
+pysmcl/eclipse folder into the workspace, and then use the run-button,
+"Run-as Eclipse Application"
+Under MacOS X it has been observed that the VM sometimes is specified
+wrongly, try to go to the preferences->Plug-in Development->Target
+Platform, and under the pane Environment set the target JRE to JVM 1.5
+(MacOS X default).
-To enable or disable PySMCL warnigns, right click on any project,
+To enable or disable PySMCL warnings, right click on any project,
 e.g. in your Package Explorer, Project Explorer, or similar, and
 select Add/Remove PySMCL Warnings. When enabled the PySMCL compiler is
 automatically run every time you add or change a .py file and you will