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 although the tool implementing the language is  perhaps better described as a preprocessor. Part of what the preprocessor does is nevertheless similar to a compiler in that it translates PySMCL code into Python code that can be executed by the VIFF 
 framework which serves as a  ``virtual machine'' in the project. It therefore provides exactly the functionality that was intended in the workplan.
-The PySMCL language was already specified in D4.2. However, subsequent work has shown 
-that it was appropriate to revise the syntax in several ways. This document therefore contains a revised specification which replaces the old version, and the intention is for this document to also be a 
-self-contained description of PySMCL.
-This document also serves as documentation showing that the project has successfully passed
-milestone M4.6: Compilers/interpreters, Implementation of appropriate compilers and interpreters completed.
 First we informally describe the different components of PySMCL,
 and give an example of how it works. Then follows a more detailed description
 of the tool and its implementation.