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-VIFF Mailinglists
+If you need help with VIFF or want to comment on anything, then please
+contact us by the channels listed below. We are very interested in any
+and all feedback, so please don't be shy :-)
+Mailing lists
 There are three mailing lists associated with VIFF.
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   the development of VIFF. Unless you have a patch, you should send
   your question here.
+  Any question can be sent there --- VIFF is still a little rough
+  around the edges, so please ask for help if you cannot get VIFF
+  working! The list is archived locally_, at Gmane_ (where you can
+  read/post over `NNTP using a newsreader`__) and at `The Mail
+  Archive`__.
 :viff-patches_: This is where you will want to send your patches for
   VIFF. Don't worry about filling the list with huge patch series --
   that is why the list is there!
+  You should subscribe to this list if you are interested in
+  discussing the latest code before it ends up in the main repository.
 :viff-commits_: This is a read-only list. Whenever something is pushed
   to the VIFF repository, a mail is sent to this list with a short
   description of the change.
+  Subscribe here if you want to be at the forefront of the
+  development.
 .. _viff-devel:
 .. _viff-patches:
 .. _viff-commits:
+.. _locally:
+.. _Gmane:
+.. __: nntp://
+.. __: