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Current status and a bit about the future.
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 well in Java.
 .. _Twisted network framework:
+Current status
+VIFF supports most if not all the protocols that the SIMAP code
+supports, and extends them in some cases by providing security against
+active adversaries. VIFF started out as 450 lines of code which
+supported arithmetic with Shamir shares and pseudo-random secret
+sharing -- that was all it took to implement the basic ideas using
+Twisted. The code has since grown to a little less than 4,000 lines.
+Despite the growth in code size, we believe that VIFF can still be
+considered a light-weight library for secure multi-party computation.
+To the best of our knowledge VIFF is the only library available for
+general SMPC and we hope that it will become *the* standard SMCP
+library and thus a stable test-bed for new cryptographic protocols.